Views At The Grill

The beach at Dania Beach is unlike the beaches of Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach. The unspoiled beauty here takes visitors back to the Florida of days long ago - the way Florida is supposed to be.
Sit in the sun or under colorful umbrellas
Early morning light reveals the beauty surrounding the Grill
Fun in the sun at the beach including fishing at the nearby pier
The view of the water from the Grill deck can't be beat
Sailboats, power boats and cruise ships can be seen frequently passing by
Swimming, biking, rollerblading and more at Dania Beach
Take food from the Grill to the neighboring tiki huts for a perfect tropical outing
Nearby highrise seen over tiki hut roofs is a reminder of the precious natural beauty at Dania Beach
Families and friends always enjoy the atmosphere at the Grill
Relax and listen to live music on the Grill's deck
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